How do video game apps make money?

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Games have been a part of human culture ever since its inception. Youth and adults alike are fascinated by games that can help them relax or simply pass the time. The rise of technological devices has seen a corresponding increase in the number of games made for these platforms. App makers make video games for their own enjoyment though an increasing number create games for profit. So how do video game apps make money?


App store offer games for downloads for a specified amount. Buying games from the app store and downloading it to your device is the most straightforward way that app makers can earn money. This method is highly dependent on a games popularity, with newer, more obscure games earning decidedly less revenue.


Some app makers rely on the generosity of their patrons to earn some cash. A developer may make a game for free, just for enjoyment, and then later on release the game to the world. The developer may then provide some way for satisfied users to show their appreciation by donating a small amount of money. Though unreliable at best, this model depends on the type of target gaming audience as well as the game’s inherent quality.


Some games host embedded advertisements to other games or services. This model is less reliant on user downloads for continued revenue. Advertisers however are more willing to invest in games that are popular so initially, ads may be hard to come by.

In general, games need to become popular in order to make money. Social networking, word-of-mouth and other internet tools can be used to make a game more popular. Quality is also a must since highly rated games are downloaded more. Video game app makers can make huge amounts of money if their creation becomes a viral hit.

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Super Zombie Fun Games

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The walking dead is a game that is less on the action and more on delivering an experience that is unforgettable on how the inevitable zombie apocalypse will feel. The game is all about lee, a survivor, whose mission is to find Clementine, a girl who lost her parent. During the game, you are required to make major decisions at different points and the story of the game later based on the choices that you made.

ZombiU is a horror game that requires you to survive through a London infested with zombies. Its content is brilliant and playing the game with the Wii U gamepad greatly amplifies the experience and the fun.

There are many fun Zombie games to be found on the internet such as the Resident Evil 5, Dead Rising 2 and left 4 Dead 2. It all comes down to your preference and choice.

These are just some examples that you see. I also enjoy a whole lot more too! You should also check out best hay day game tips.

How to Brush Your Teeth

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Here is a quick video on how to brush your teeth!! Check it out here:

That’s how you clean it. You don’t have to visit the dentist!!!

If you need any designs done to your bathroom since you don’t have time as a dentist, be sure to check out:

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Best Upcoming Games

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Here are some enjoyable games to date.

Brave Frontier

This is one of the hottest games in town. You get to raise and evolve powerful units of different elements and take them to battle. You can also fight against other players in the arena. You have a game that is almost as good as the good old pokemon!

Check out some of its highlights! If you need some help, here is a useful brave frontier unit evolution list guide.


Clash of Clans for PC, iOS and Android

Clash of Clans

This game is the titan of mobile games. It makes just as much as Candy Crush. The game focuses on real time strategy to steal resources from your enemy’s base. Your goal is to destroy and conquer. You also have to build up your empire so that it is strong enough to withstand enemy attacks. If you need a good guide, here is a good clash of clans strategy guide.

And if you ever get bored of them, be sure to check out these awesome games called Hello Hero Best and DW breeding.